Tour Gili Kondo, Kapal & Bidara


On this almost uninhabited island, we can enjoy the underwater world with activities such as snorkeling, fishing, and swimming. Apart from Gili Kondo there are several small islands around which are beautiful ‘unspoiled’ tourist destinations, you can choose to stay in Gili and explore the island longer or go just for a day trip.

On the Gilis we can set up camp and enjoy the beautiful night with the waves crashing and the bonfire burning. You might even be able to have grilled fish for dinner if you’ve been fishing! Overnight in tents on this island provides an extraordinary unforgettable experience.

Gili Kondo Program:
1. 1-day trip.
Explore the Gilis and some small islands by boat, beach walks, and snorkeling.
Includes: Boat, guide, transportation, snorkeling equipment, lunch, mineral water

2. 2 Days 1 Night
Camping in a tent, exploring Gili and other small islands by boat, snorkeling, fishing, etc.
Includes: Boat, guide and transportation, tent, mattress, sleeping bag, food, mineral water, fruit, snorkeling, and fishing equipment.