When Is The Best Time To Climb Mount Rinjani

Mendaki Rinjani

In general, climbing Mount Rinjani is open from early April to late December every year. This is in accordance with the season in Indonesia were from January to March is the rainy season.

The climbing season on Mount Rinjani is divided into 3 seasons:
1. Rainy to Dry Season (April – May)
2. Summer (June – September)
3. Transitional season from Summer to Rainy Season (October – December)

Climbing in April and May is the quietest and you will get the most beautiful views because all the savanna and trees are still green because it still rains which are not heavy usually in the afternoon and evening, so it is mandatory to bring rain clothes.

Hiking in the summer between June and September is the most popular climbing season because it coincides with the holiday season, and in this season the hiking trails have started to get dusty and very hot during the day and otherwise will be very cold at night. It is recommended to bring a sun protection hat, goggles and a face mask to protect from dust.

Extra vigilance during the rainy season which starts from October to December specifically for trekking routes from Plawangan Sembalun to the lake and from Danau to Plawangan Senaru. In several places from the lake to Senaru village, the path is slippery and in some places, landslides occur frequently. If you decide to go this season, don’t forget to bring a raincoat for trekking to Mount Rinjani.


All seasons are good and you can determine the time of climbing according to the conditions and time available most importantly all preparations for climbing Mount Rinjani have been completed.