Official Mount Rinjani Trekking Routes


Ascent to Mount Rinjani is now possible through 6 entrances which were officially opened by the Mount Rinjani National Park Office.

The 6 official hiking trails of Mount Rinjani are as follows:

1. Rinjani via Sembalun
Sembalun is a favorite climbing route for climbers of Mount Rinjani. Climbers can reach the highest peak of Rinjani from this route.
The Rinjani climbing route via Sembalin is the entrance to the Sembalun ascent – ​​Pelawangan Sembalun – Peak of Mount Rinjani or Lake Segara Anak – descend via the Senaru Ascent Tour or the Torean Ascent Tour.

2. Rinjani via Senaru
This path is usually a place to descend Mount Rinjani climbers who ascend from the Sembalun route. Even so, that does not mean climbers can not climb from here. Just like via Sembalun, climbers can also reach the highest peak of Rinjani from this Senaru route.

3. Rinjani via Torean
The Rinjani via Torean hiking trail is one of the most favored by climbers. That’s because the panorama along the path that spoils the eye. Torean climbing entrance – Segara Anak Lake – Sembalun Climbing Tour, or Senaru Climbing Tour

4. Rinjani via Tetebatu
Tetebatu is one of the climbing routes of Mount Rinjani. Even though you can’t reach the highest point of Rinjani, such as via Aik Beik, the natural panorama offered is no less beautiful.

5. Rinjani via Timbanuh
If climbing from this route, climbers will go through the entrance of the Timbanuh Climbing to the Timbanuh crater rim and 2nd summit Rinjani 3500 masl..

6. Rinjani via Aik Berik
This hiking route is the entrance to Aik Berik – Pelawangan Aik Berik or Rinjani Second Summit Sangkareang – Kondo climbing.

In our climbing program, we only use 3 climbing routes, namely Sembalun as the entrance or ascent, Senaru and Torean as the exit location for Mount Rinjani.