Rinjani Trekking Packing List & What Should You Bring?

Bring as little as possible. If you think you’ll survive without something, leave it behind! You’ll regret the extra weight when you’re on your 1200th meter of ascent for the day!

Hat, gloves & scarf (it’s very cold at the top)
Good hiking shoes (running shoes are not grippy enough)
Headlamp (for the night hike to the summit)
One/two sweat-wicking t-shirts
One pair of shorts
One pair of long pants
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Sun hat (if you don’t have one make this easy DIY hat)
Lip sunscreen (our lips got burned – not a good look)
Socks & undies
Tiny towel
ID and cash for tipping

Optional items:

Base layer (it gets freaking cold at the summit)
Baby wipes (if you pack them in, pack them out)
Soap or hand sanitizer

That’s everything you need to know before you book your Rinjani trekking tour.